Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Time to Reflect

This week we are taking a little extra time to reflect, and we expect to post our reflections next Wednesday morning, May 2nd. Meanwhile, we invite you to share your responses to our more than thirty posts in the archive. Which text or conversation did you find to be provocative? Did any strike you as insightful or interesting, or make you uncomfortable? Do you have any questions or comments for us?

We would love for you join our discussion: Just click on the title above! Please remember to frame your comments as personal reflections, using the first-person singular, as we aim to preserve She Answers Abraham as a safe space for these sacred conversations.


  1. I am ever provoked by what I read here, in ways both specific and general. That's about all I can say this morning, but please know that what you do, touches and stirs my mind, my heart and my spirit. Thank you and peace.

    1. Thank you, Fran, for your support and enthusiasm about our work. We look forward to your coordinating a circle of friends to join you as guest bloggers in the near future. B'shalom, Tziporah